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    Our team is committed with assisting our clients with transportation, mentoring and confidence building. We assisted in over 65 vulnerable people with job placement and being self sustainable.

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About The Founder

Ms. Livreri has over 30 years of experience in the beauty and non-profit world. Early on, she recognized the direct correlation between looking great, and feeling
confident and how they translate to success. This is why she has chosen to work hand and hand with her local Non-Profits Job Placement Programs
with the goal of a positive job interview and for her clients to achieve gainful employment.

After years of helping the less fortunate in the Coachella Valley she recognized the Job Placement Process was lacking a very important element in giving the job applicant the best opportunity to be hired in the initial job interview process; the grooming appearance of the "client".

Non-Profit Job Placement Programs provide a wonderful service utilizing there many resources to educate, counsel and train potential job "applicants".
They lack one final piece to the puzzle, the final touch, supplied by "The Butterfly Mission". The personal hygiene appearance of the "client".
The grooming and polished appearance of the "client" which plays an enormous proven part in the decision making of the interviewer.

Founder of

Ms. Livreri will direct and implement the "Client's Makeover", consisting of Haircut, Wash, Color (if needed), Style. A Manicure for male and female.

In addition, "The Butterfly Mission" will partner with Non-Profit Clothing Reclamation Centers and arrange a "Free Interview Attire" with Ms. Livreri's fashion expertise.

With her unlimited energy, leadership qualities, and her knowledge there is high hopes for the future success of Ms. Livreri's nonprofit program.
But for Ms. Livreri's success translates into only one thing... RESULTS!
In the form of a high percentage of jobs interviews who are offered and accept the job position.

The impact value on everyone she touches is truly a gift. What you don't see in pictures and statistics, is the magic her program to each client that she touches.
Not only in the physical transformation that she directs, but also equally important, the contribution she makes in the "client's" mental state of mind.

The saying you look like a "million bucks" is real. Looking good and feeling good plays a major role in the inner confidence of the "client" to convey a positive appearance and attitude in the interview. Many of our "client's" have been void of any type of grooming and professional grooming for years.
The added and invaluable feeling Ms. Livreri's program delivers to her "applicants" state of mind is many times the crucial factor of success or failure.
Her hand-on's approach involving the physical makeover, grooming and the mental motivation are the finishing touches to guarantee success.

  • Direct in achieving economic independence through employment
  • Direct with interview attire.
  • Direct in role playing in an interview setting.
  • Direct in developing a professional resume
  • Direct and teach grooming techniques for positive appearance

"The Butterfly Mission" supplies the final physical and mental edge, completing the building block for success.

"You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime."

How It's Done!

We put the final touch on a well orchestrated process to give individuals a second chance at regaining there confidence and self respect.
We do job placement, job training programs through local business owners and job fairs.
Hopefully resulting in a normal and satisfying life.

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What To Expect!

It's the Job Interview Appearance!
When a hiring manager assesses your appearance at a job interview, they consider your dress, hygiene and grooming, accessories and other features like visible tattoos. An employers perspective on the way you look affects their first impression, and can help or hinder your success during the job interview.

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Butterfly Mission supplies the final physical and mental edge for applicants to complete the building blocks for success. Our mission and goal is to assist the less fortunate with getting a job and becoming part of productive society.

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Butterfly Mission

Our company's mission and goal is to assist the less fortunate with getting a job and becoming part of productive society.

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